Dog Grooming in Essex

Dog spa

From Great Danes to Jack Russells, here at Canine Sassoon we welcome pups of all shapes and sizes and are fully trained to offer them the best salon treatments a dog can get! Whether you are looking for a simple treatment, like our paw and nail bubble bath, or the full dog grooming experience, you can guarantee that your fluffy friend will be as happy and comfortable as possible during his or her time with us.

Our dog groomers in Essex offer a blissful spa experience for your fluffy friends. Visit our grooming salon and see your pet pooch completely and utterly indulged with organic bath and body treatments that are formulated from natural botanical flower and plant extracts. We will always go the extra mile, and that is why we are one of the most trusted dog groomers in Essex!

A One-Stop Dog Groomers in Essex

Why not do a spot of shopping for your pets at the Canine Sassoon boutique? We stock loads of gorgeously cute doggy onesies, winter coats, accessories and even some designer doggy perfumes! Find everything you need to make your pooch even more adorable and speak to our friendly Essex dog groomers for advice if you’re looking for that special something.

It doesn’t stop there - as well as looking good, we are one of the only dog grooming salons in Essex to offer a doggy deli. That’s right, we boast a deli selection that’s fully dedicated to the four-legged friends in your life. Treat them to delicious gourmet snacks that have been baked with pure goodness, with no additives, colourings, pre-cooked ingredients or MSG in sight! From rock cakes to specially-made Christmas dinners, we have it all!

The founder of Canine Sassoon, Lucy, is fully qualified to offer your pets the finest quality treatments and even operates a crèche so you can leave your fluffy friends with her while you escape for a little ‘me’ time. Her City & Guilds Advanced Groomer qualification, paired with her passion for animal care, has resulted in Lucy creating a pooch retreat in her very own property. Hiring a home away from home for your pet starts from as little as £25 a day.

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Call one of the most trusted and luxurious dog grooming salons in Essex today and discover all that Canine Sassoon can offer you and your pet pooch. Get in touch on 07890 267 512 to speak to a friendly member of the team.